1. Counseling activities

  • counseling: individual/group, onsite/online
  • informing students about the rights and possibilities of getting adequate support at the University of Rijeka
  • identifying the necessary academic support and reasonable accommodations in the academic setting

2. Academic support and accommodations

  • providing reasonable accommodations of the teaching process, examinations and literature
  • offering specialized equipment
  • organising additional support such as:
    • peer support (students assistants and mentors)
    • personal assistance and care in university-managed student accommodation and housing
    • specialized transportation

3. Educational activities

  • informing current and potential students on topics relevant to them
  • raising awareness within the academic and the local community about the challenges of studying with a disability

4. Data Collection

  • collecting data on students with disabilities at the University of Rijeka
  • analysing student needs and evaluating our work accordingly
  • monitoring and improving the quality of higher education for students with various disabilities
  • additional research in collaboration with University constituents and other associates

Students who need reasonable accommodations or support can contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone number on +385 51 265 844.